Contents Estimations Ready in Days Minutes

Improving claim accuracy & speeding up claim cycles for P&C Insurers — 10x faster

Contents Automation Built with AI

Leverage AI-powered automation to streamline your property valuations. Our comprehensive database of 500 million LKQ consumer products accelerates the process, delivering accuracy and efficiency. Our advanced tools, such as a mobile app, browser extension, and one-click design, boost efficiency, slashing wait times by 10x.

How It Works

Transform Your Valuations in Three Easy Steps


Submit Contents

Submit your contents list via email, through our web portal, or with our mobile app.


Replacements Selected

Our AI assesses replacement costs, cross-checked by our contents specialists.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 162340.png

Generate Report

A comprehensive appraisal report complete with pricing and payout totals is sent to you to share with the insured.

Learn More

Contents valuations in as little as one hour.

Timelines vary based on the number of items.

1 hour99 items or less
1 day100 - 1,000 items
1-2 days1,000 - 3,000 items

Customize Your Claims Process

Choose the tools that best meet your organization's needs.

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Mobile Inventory App

Inventory Submission Made Easy

Achieve 3x efficiency

Inventory 3x faster and send items directly to appraisal.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Insured can invite friends & family to help expedite the inventory process

Web Accessibility without any Downloads

No need to download an app, login directly from your browser.

Built-In Onboarding
Realtime Status Updates
Live Chat

Appraisal Portal

Manage Claims with Confidence

Reputable Sourcing

Edit priced claims, selecting from 400 million+ replacement items and 2,500+ suppliers.

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Create detailed appraisal reports complete with depreciation and replacement sources.

Chrome Extension

Quickly add online item results in just two clicks using our Chrome extension.

Usage Reporting
Live Chat
Help Documentation
Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 7.36.46 PM.png

Receipt Tracker

Depreciation Tracking Simplified


Connects with inventory app for insureds to submit receipts.


Review & approve payouts in one consolidated platform.


Submit one receipt with multiple items attached for quick review and approval.

Itemized Payouts
Payment Integration
Payment History

Speed. Accuracy. Results.

Automate Manual Tasks

Eliminate manual tasks such as creating inventory sheets, pricing items, and reviewing receipts.

Blazing Fast

Are you waiting days or even weeks for appraisals? Adjust Square can produce appraisal reports within the hour.

Reputable Sources

Ensure accurate item replacement costs from a robust database of over 400 million products and 2,500+ suppliers.

Reduce Claim Overpayments

Reduce indemnity & LAE by using the industry's most accurate item appraisals and source links in appraisal reports.

Optimize Claim Performance

Streamline the claims process to reduce cycle times and increase the efficiency of your adjusters.

Improve Customer Experience

Give claim control back to the policyholder with our mobile app to create a quick and fair claim process.

portalscreenshot-removebg-preview (1).png

Access Anytime. Anywhere.

Always Available, Always Secure

Safe & Secure

Nightly backups with industry-leading encryption keep your data safe.


Using team features, adjusters and policyholders can work together.


Start using Adjust Square today with a NO PII workflow. All we need is an inventory list to start pricing your claims.


Connects with your favorite software

Streamline your claims process with integrations


Get Your Questions Answered

See What You've Been Missing

Experience Unmatched Speed and Accuracy in Property Valuations.


Not Convinced Yet? Try Us Out for Free

Send us an inventory list and get a complimentary report.

See the difference Adjust Square can make.

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